Hi, I'm Ronan.

A Visual Artist & Designer.

About me

My name's Ronan, I'm a 22-year-old design and communication student from The Netherlands. I started designing things for fun when I was 13, when I was mainly helping out friends with some gaming related designs. From those humble beginnings, I've gone on and learned front-end web development and various other forms of design. I've worked with companies ranging from musical artists, to sports teams, esports teams, and charities that fit my beliefs.

Aside from my interest in design, I'm a huge fan of travelling and I have recently resided in South Korea for six months to study at Hanyang University, where I learned more about the basics of data science and human behavior in relation to advertising. I also recently finished my internship at Nicky Romero's Protocol Recordings, mastering the art of 3D-design.

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I am always open to talk new projects, so feel free to reach out and we can discuss ideas.

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