Head in The Clouds

The Head In The Clouds festival is a yearly festival organiser by 88rising. Their goal is to empower Asian entertainment, giving them a platform and giving young Asians artists to look up to.

In one of my university classes, I got the opportunity to work on a personal project that interested me. I ended up redesigning this festival as I felt like the message of empowering could be a lot more clear.

By rebranding the festival, my intention with this project was to bring back the activistic and confident position 88rising takes in the entertainment world. By using bold and large typography as well as flashy colours combined with dark tones, it reinvents the festival's brand to become more confident and expressive. I combined this with Hangul, Hanzi and Kanji in the logo to create a stronger connection between Asian countries and the festival's logo.

Another objective was to create consistency for the brand, while avoiding repetitive designs. The background typography allows for a lot of variation, while simultaneously becoming a recognizable piece in the design style and connecting itself to the bold typography.

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